17 of the Grossest Things That Could Happen During Childbirth

With everything that women have to go through during their pregnancies, it’s surprising that so many of us go for the repeat or heck, even the tri-peat after successfully giving birth to our first baby. There are just so many different emotions and embarrassing moments you end up experiencing while in labor. And a lot of it are so bad, you simply can’t unsee it no matter how hard you try.

We’re all pretty prepared that when it comes to labor and birth we can expect some pain, but these moments aren’t ones you can really prepare for. Yes, they’ll likely happen, no you’re not the only one, and yeah, still gross.

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Here are 17 gross things that will probably happen during childbirth!

1. Vomiting, Vomiting and More Vomiting

You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, heck, you’ll even scream your bloody head off! But also expect to puke a lot too during your labor. Medical professionals say that nausea and even some vomiting occur during contractions and worsen as the woman progresses through the transition phase. If you’re having a c-section, nausea and vomiting can happen thanks to all those sweet drugs they pump through you.

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2. You might not be allowed to eat. Not a big deal for some, a major deal for others

3. Noises… you’ll make them and they will surprise you.

4. Catheter in, Pee Out

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It’s a small, flexible tube inserted through the urethra into the bladder. It allows you to pee no matter where you are. Some people say you won’t feel the catheter while your epidural is in effect and it’ll be removed once it’s time to start pushing. Expect things to go in and out of your lady bits all throughout your labor.

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