Grilled Beef Steaks with Espresso-Bourbon Sauce

Grilled Beef Steaks with Espresso-Bourbon Sauce

Whether it’s for holidays, backyard barbecues or impromptu picnics, beef is a great way to serve up some sizzle at summer get-togethers. Just fire up the grill, put on some steaks or burgers and watch the mouths start to water.

With 29 cuts of beef that meet government guidelines for lean, it’s easy to embrace a healthy lifestyle with delicious food. These lean cuts include tenderloin, T-bone, top round and top sirloin steaks, as well as 95 percent lean ground beef.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your beef grilling:

Cook over coals that are proper temperature to ensure that the meat cooks evenly; if coals are too hot, meat can char on the outside and still be raw inside.
For charcoal grilling, when coals are ash-covered (approximately 30 minutes), spread them in single layer and check the cooking temperature. Position the cooking grid.
To check the temperature, cautiously hold the palm of your hand above the coals at cooking height. Count the number of seconds you can hold your hand in that position before the heat forces you to pull it away; approximately 4 seconds for medium heat.
Gas grill brands vary greatly and grilling times may need to be adjusted. Consult owner’s manual for specific grilling information.
For best flavor and texture, grill meats just until they reach the desired degree of doneness; do not overcook.

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