Great Baby Shower Games and Activities for kids!

Planning a Baby Shower from Beginning to end can be a big task.  Finding unique ways to share your love with the Mom 2 Be with everyone  who wants to celebrate the precious little one can have its challenges!  Here are a few ideas to keep everyone from kids to adults busy!

Photo by Lisa Franchot
Kids section:  Create a section so all of your friends and family can bring their little ones and enjoy in the festivities. Lego’s is something that we all LOVE no matter how old we are. The LEGO section can keep the kids busy for hours!  Play music while they are A quiet book section is always wonderful!
Photo courtesy of Hollywood Hot Moms
This new additions to DK’s popular Peekaboo NOISY VROOM –  series are filled with sounds that will captivate and delight toddlers with a new noisy surprise after every turn of the page.
From a car’s revving engine to a fire truck’s wailing siren, Vroom! Vroom! features five fun sounds hiding under vehicle-themed flaps.
Games at a shower are hard to find! Ask your guest to each bring one newborn piece of clothing.  Attach it to a  clothing-line and read this poem.
Photo by Lisa Franchot

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