Grandma Shames Breastfeeding Mom For Not Covering Up In Her House

No support from the family can't be easy

A grandma shames breastfeeding mom for not covering up in her house is definitely not the kind of headline you think you’re going to read in 2017, but yet here we are.

Despite the fact that breastfeeding is completely natural and has been done literally since the beginning of time and shows less of a breast than a Victoria’s Secret advertisement, women who choose to breastfeed in public are often the victims of public chastisement, scrutiny and downright abuse. All for feeding their child.

Even celebrities like Pink have done their part to #normalizebreastfeeding in hopes that the harassment of women who are simply feeding their children will stop.

While breastfeeding women are sadly used to getting nasty looks and being the recipient of verbal abuse and name calling all while simply trying to feed their child in public, we assume that the home and the homes of friends and relatives is a safe space for them. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true and sometimes relatives can be the biggest offenders.

When one woman took her children, including her newborn baby, to visit her own mother, she had no clue that she’d be forced to leave for simply feeding her baby.

Grandma shames breastfeeding mom for not covering up might be a headline we wouldn’t think is very common, but it’s exactly what happened to one new mom. 

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