Grandma Concerned About Baby So Parents Put in a Camera and Caught Someone in the Act

Being a parent is nerve-wracking enough – looking for childcare before heading back to work is even more stressful.  Handing your child over to a virtual stranger for the better part of the day is a huge decision. With so many awful stories in the news, it’s not an easy thing to do whether you opt for a daycare center or a nanny in-home.

Rowena and Jack Churchland from South-West London, had two children together, Bella and Olly.  Olly was cared for by his two grandmothers, but then the little boy needed a nanny. A mom from their daughter’s school was looking for work, and so the couple hired her. The nanny started caring for Olly when he was five months old.

At first, Rowena, 39, and Jack, 30, had little reason to be unhappy with their nanny, “Agatha”.

crib mobile
Credit: pixabay

But then Rowena received a call from a
neighbor while at work.

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Maria Lianos Carbone

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