Gorgeous, Look-Younger Hair in an Instant!

Gorgeous, Look-Younger Hair in an Instant!

By Shana Aborn

Gorgeous, look-younger hair in an instant! Your hair is your crowning glory — but it’s not so glorious when an outdated style, a too-harsh color or stubborn grays add years to your face. Along with moisturizer and makeup, your hair goes a long way toward helping you look younger and more vibrant. For tips on helping your do get you looking younger, we talked to Raphael Reboh, a celebrity stylist and owner of the Femme Coiffure Hair Spa in Miami. Here’s what he said:

1. Contrast your color.
Hair color can make you look younger and more vibrant — or just the opposite. “When a woman’s hair color is the same tone as her skin or eyes, it makes her look older, pale and tired,” says Reboh. Going too dark when your skin is light can also look too stark. Instead, go with a subtle contrast — a warm medium chocolate brown or dark blond if you have pale skin or light eyes; lighter blond or red highlights for brown eyes or darker skin.

2. Stay on top of the gray.

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