Gordon Ramsay Lost 50 Pounds To Save His Marriage

His life might be in the kitchen, but his marriage is somewhere else…

Gordon Ramsay is one celebrity that you either love, hate, or love to hate. There’s really no in between with him. That’s because he’s one very opinionated reality television star and chef. If he’s got something on his mind, you better believe that he’ll say it. And he’ll say it with fury and fire, too!

With that being said though, Gordon Ramsay is also a dedicated husband and father. He doesn’t talk much about his personal life, but from what we can tell he loves his family dearly. And he also loves his wife so much that he recently realized it was time for him to make some serious changes if he wanted to save his marriage.

Gordon realized that his weight was spiraling out of control. We all know that our lifestyles change with age, right? Yes, he spends a lot of time in the kitchen, but his marriage happens in another room in his house! That’s why he decided it was time to do something about it before it was too late. Gordon Ramsay knew he needed to save his marriage so this is what he did. Here’s what happened.

Gordon Ramsay went on a diet for his wife and their marriage!

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