Gordon Ramsay Opens up About His Strict Parenting Style

Let’s not deny it: Gordon Ramsay is a scary fellow. He would undoubtedly give me a heart attack if he were breathing obscenities down my back in the kitchen. Heck, I’m sure I would end up burning ten different casseroles if I had him continually yelling at me and telling me what kind of horrible cook I am in the kitchen (which is no lie, to be honest with you).

Sure Gordon is great reality television entertainment but everything he does is for a good reason: he wants results. And not just any kind of results, but the best ones. And apparently, he applies the same hard-lined rules to his family the same way he does in the kitchen with his chefs. That’s why he’s showing no mercy to his children when it comes to their futures. In fact, he’s so strict about his kids that a lot of people are even calling him the anti-celebrity dad. And here’s what he has to say about it.

source: youtube

Gordon Ramsay wants to teach his children a valuable lesson by refusing to give them this.

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