‘Good Samaritan’ Bullied, Beaten and Called a Kidnapper After Helping Lost Child

Do I believe that most people that were put on this planet are good, wholesome people who would give someone else a helping hand if they needed it? I do. I might be naïve in thinking that the average stranger is a good person who would give up their subway seat for an elderly person or expecting mother, but that’s just the way I feel. I want to believe that there’s more good than evil in this world, and that together we can take little steps to make it a better place.

I would hope that someone would react if they saw that someone in my family was in danger. And that’s exactly what happened at a park playground in Lakeland, Florida, this week. But what happened next will absolutely blow your mind. It really does seem that we are losing our trust and faith in humanity.

Credit: Shutterstock/ Matylda Laurence

Here’s what happened to one Good Samaritan who wanted to help a lost child!

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