Hollywood Hot Moms Golden Globe Misses

Lea Michele, Splash News
Nude. Blush. Fishtails. Ponytails. Red.  There were many trends on the red carpet. But, which outfits were real fashion “moments”? Overall, there was a plethora of glamor. But, quite a few chiffon mishaps along the way. You can follow her on twitter@Amytarakoch  and  AMY TARA KOCH STYLE EXPERT on Facebook

1. Lea Michele in Marchesa

I call this look ”CUT IT OUT” because the cut outs were so awful. It channeled Dancing with the Stars with  fishtail. Huge Miss.
Jessica Chastain, Splash News

2. Jessica Chastain in Givenchy

Name of Look? NEEDS HELP! She looked like a spokesperson for Tupperware. Frump & Dump Deluxe. 

3. Heidi Klum in Calvin Klein

This was a NIGHTMARE IN NUDE! Heidi looked washed out in the color and the lack of fit made her look like a sack of Idaho potatoes. Her pop of color in the form of a HSN looking turquoise necklace was tragic. Her style sense has gone auf wiedersehen

4. Michelle Williams in Jason Wu

NAME OF LOOK: BURNOUT! The velvet burnout dress had an 8th grade graduation outfit feel and zero sex appeal. The headband intensified the schoolgirl element. Marilyn would have slapped her silly had she seen this getup.

5. Zooey Deschanel in Prada

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Amy Tara Koch

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