Should You Go Gluten-free?


Should You Go Gluten-free?

By Derek Beres

Should you go gluten free? One of the more astonishing eating trends to hit our culture in the last few years is certainly the gluten-free diet. How could what is perhaps the most beloved food on the planet — wheat, which contains the protein gluten — possibly be bad for us? Isn’t going gluten-free, as many critics suggest, just for those suffering from celiac disease, a condition in which gluten can damage the lining of the small intestine in those who cannot properly process it?

I used to believe that to be the case. Bread is my favorite food, and the idea of giving it up sounded insane. But after conducting an interview with Dr. Frank Lipman a year ago, my mindset changed. Besides, I have close friends with celiac disease, and they manage. In fact, they claim that their energy levels increased once they got off gluten.

Lipman, an integrative physician in New York City and the author of Revive: Stop Feeling Spent and Start Living Again, believes the protein compromises our immune system because the grains are not easily digestable — by anyone, not just people with celiac disease. He recommends that everyone try going gluten-free for at least one month to see if it makes a difference in the way we feel. So I did.

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