Grandma Sends Warning to Others After Baby Injured From Popular Toy

Because I’m the financial conservative of our family, I rarely buy toys for my kids. I leave that up to my husband. And while I’ll admit that yes, I am cheap, I also love the idea of seeing my children play outside and using their imaginations as often as they can. Sure, they love and get very attached to their toys, but at the same time they also get bored of them after maybe 2-3 uses. That’s why I try to encourage my husband to not buy anything that’s too expensive or a waste of everyone’s time.

Yet, my kids still love their toys and have several precious keepsakes that they cherish. In fact, some of their toys are even their prized possessions and there’s nothing wrong with that (they even have an old teddy bear that was given to me when I was just a toddler). And I’m sure that many kids their age feel the same way about their favorite toys. But one toy in particular is sparking new parental concerns after a grandmother discovered it in her grandson’s crib when it got dangerously hot. Here’s what happened.

Credit: Etsy

Be careful with this battery-operated toy…

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