There’s About to Be a Global Wine Shortage and Prices Are Going UP

Whether you consider yourself an amateur sommelier, a wine enthusiast or just someone who enjoys a glass here and there when it’s time to wind down after a busy day or week, this news could have a serious impact on your lifestyle and your wallet.

Perhaps instead of hitting your local Target to stock up on Halloween candy you should get yourself to your local wine store because you’re definitely going to want to stock up.

Experts are predicting that consumers may see not only a global wine shortage beginning as soon as 2018, which is just two short months away, but also a potential increase in price of your favorite blends as well, which has wine lovers understandably freaking out!

Reports of some of the worst harvest conditions in decades in Spain, Italy and France as well as California’s recent catastrophic wildfires have experts predicting record low outputs in the coming year.

While experts admit that it’s not uncommon for just one of these countries, who are the major wine producers in the world, to experience an off year, to have all three of them experience record lows at the same time could create a shortage globally which could also lead to higher prices.

wine shortage
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Time to stock up

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