Glam Up Your Summer BBQ with The Sparkling Eva (Longoria)


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We just love Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria!  To celebrate her birthday in Vegas at Eve Nightclub it seems as she celebrated with With NUVO Sparkling Liqueur.
Spending your summer at home can still feel like an exotic, indulgent vacation. To find relief from the heat of the day and make summer backyard gatherings a chic affair, try the NUVO Sparkling Sunset, a delicious, fruity drink perfect for a warm weather get-together:
NUVO Sparkling Sunset Recipe
3oz NUVO Sparkling Liquer
3oz pineapple juice
Splash of fresh lime juice
top with sliced fruit of your choice
OR, try a chic summer twist on that recipe and glam up your summer barbeque with Eva Longoria’s personal fav – 


The Sparkling Eva Recipe

4oz NUVO

1oz Champagne

Served in a martini glass

*Garnish the rim with a fresh strawberry


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