Girl Tries to Imitate Criss Angel Magic Trick But It Goes Horribly Wrong

When my son was three and a half, he was playing with a toy flashlight. I don’t know what he was doing but it happened very quickly. He somehow he took the toy apart, put one of the two batteries in his mouth and swallowed it by accident.

He told me just after it happened! Thank goodness was old enough to know the danger and tell me what he did. I then saw the toy and the other battery.

I called Poison Control to get some advice. While I was on hold, I quickly searched the internet and the consensus was that the battery would likely pass.

Credit: Screenshot/ KCTV5

Something similar happened to a young girl, but was far more dangerous.

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Maria Lianos Carbone

Maria Lianos-Carbone is owner of, a leading lifestyle blog for women. Her first book, "Oh Baby! A Mom's Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year" will be published Spring 2018. Follow Maria on Instagram @amotherworld.

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