Girl Playing In This Photo Should Be A Serious Wake-Up Call For Parents

Yes, this is the new reality for our children.

Kids have all different kinds of imaginations, right? When you see a little toddler lining up all of her stuffed animals and pretending to be in a particular situation with them, you don’t think much of it. Bit that’s what is different about this girl playing with her stuffed animals and pretending to “take care.”

In fact, I see it all the time as my own two children let their imaginations run wild with their toys (before they were introduced to iPads, YouTube and technology in general).

But this photo of a girl playing with her favorite stuffed animals is different. That’s because she is doing something that she was taught at school and quite honestly, it’s troubling. A lot of parents wouldn’t normally expect to see this kind of behavior from their child, but others are saying it’s the new normal. She learned this at school and it’s become so normalized, that she’s doing it at home, too, much to her mother’s surprise. This is not how we pictured our children enjoying their childhoods. In fact, we don’t think anyone has ever pictured their child doing this.

Let me warn you that you might be pretty disturbed with what you are about to see, too.

Girl playing in this photo leaves parents stunned.

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