Little Girl Died After Doctor Turned Her Away For Being 5 Minutes Late

I can't even imagine the anger.

It’s been a really hard winter. Everyone seems to be catching the flu and with the news going around of how deadly and dangerous the flu has been this year, every parent is on alert and with good reason. It is terrifying to think that your child can get sick, then just go downhill from there. And for one family, that’s their reality after their girl died when she was turned away from the doctor. Yes, a mom tried to get help for the doctor after he daughter fell ill.

We rely on the doctors to do what they can to help our kids feel better. As parents, it’s hard to know when or if it’s time to take our kids to see them. We don’t want to be judged for being too careful and taking our kid in for any sniffle. But, at the same time we don’t want to wait too long and maybe having it be worse than it needed to be.

And then it’s also hard for any parent with kids to get out the door on time. We all try our best and there is an expectation that when you have an emergency doctor appointment you will be there on time. But, again when you are dealing with a sick child, sometimes things take longer.

For one family in South Wales, they booked an emergency doctor’s appointment for their 5-year-old girl because she wan’t doing so well.

The parents are now in deep grief and looking for answers after their girl died.

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