People Are Sharing Their Gingerbread House Fails And We’re All Feeling A Bit Better About Ourselves

Been there, done that

I absolutely love everything about the Christmas and holiday season from the baking to the shopping to the decorating and definitely to the giving. I think I’m pretty good at most of it too, because people don’t seem to complain. One thing I’m not so good at is gingerbread house making. As a matter of fact, I’ve had more gingerbread house fails than I can begin to count.

Just yesterday as I was pushing my cart through my local Michael’s store I strolled past the gingerbread house display. I won’t lie, I actually contemplated buying one again this year for a hot minute. Then I smartened up and remembered all my past gingerbread house fails.

I have not ever successfully managed to create a decent gingerbread house. I’ve bought the kits for my kids and they manage to eat all the icing and candy before they can even get the walls up. When I try to build one I end up with more icing on my clothing than on my house! It never works! It’s not cute and it’s not fun, it’s just frustrating!

It seems I’m not alone, either. People have been sharing their gingerbread house fails on social media and I have to admit, it’s making me feel a lot better about my own gingerbread house fails. Can you relate?

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