How to Get That Sweet and Sexy Look!


We see it in magazines all the time but how do WE get that look? The look that is clean and fresh and sexy all at once. Here are some tips and how to’s so you too can look sweet and sexy today and tonight!small-5


Bedroom eyes… The most important feature on the face. The eyes can’t be ignored in order to achieve the perfect look.

First, make sure you cover the entire eyelid with base or foundation and finish off with a nice loose powder.

Tip: add some extra loose powder under the eyes for catching the falling eyeshadow, brush off after eyes are complete ; )

Next, brush a soft champagne color over eyelid.

Third, using a small angular brush and a mid-tone brown shadow color, apply to the brow bone toward the out side and work lighter as you come inward toward the center of the eye.

Fourth, you have two choices, with the same shadow that you used for the brow bone, use it for the eye liner. Continue with the same brush and starts at the outside upper lid by the lashes. Think cat-like but subtle, your line should start thicker towards the outside and gets thinner as you work toward the inner eye. Don’t forget to apply on the bottom lash line as well, same technique but even smaller application.

Tip: I don’t go all the way across the bottom lash line to make the eyes appear larger, taper off toward the middle of the eye. Also, shadow works better then liner on bottom lash line. It doesn’t smear as much.

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