Get Ready To Shed Tears ~ The Tanners Go Home Again In the First Fuller House Teaser

The house is going to be full again! Netflix released the premiere date and first teaser for the highly anticipated Full House spinoff, Fuller House, and to say it’s a tearjerker would be an understatement.

Although I am completely disappointed to not have seen one face and only the dog! I was crying and there was nothing to even see but the couch!!!!

I get why the images of the Tanners’ iconic San Francisco townhouse would be all over the video while hearing Miranda Lambert’s “The House That Built Me” plays in the background.

The new series, which is set to premiere on Feb. 26, brings back the original cast (less Michelle Tanner) but from what we know a recently widowed D.J. Tanner-Fuller moves in together with her adorable sister Stephanie and her best ( annoying:) friend, Kimmy Gibbler, to raise her three little boys.

Watch the full teaser below!!!! Tell us what yout think!



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