Get Ready for Shorts: The Legs and Booty Workout!

Get Ready for Shorts: The Legs and Booty Workout!

By Rachel Naud

Get ready for shorts: The leg and booty work out! After a winter of hibernating in forgiving pants and bulky sweaters, it’s easy to gain a few pounds and not really notice. But once the warm weather hits, the realization that the season for bathing suits and shorts is fast approaching can leave many women in a cold sweat.

Not to worry! Kim Lyons, a certified fitness specialist and former trainer on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” and “Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge,” says there’s still time to shape up before summer. When it comes to toning up, most women look to target the trifecta: their rear, hips and thighs.

“It’s the biggest problem area for women,” says Lyons. “But the good news is it’s also easy to target.” If you start now, you’ll be ready when summer kicks off. Here are Lyons’ best body-busting moves that’ll leave you fit, firm and ready for the season!

The Low Squat / Side Crab

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