Get Lean While You Clean

Make a strength training session out of bringing in your groceries and putting them away. Keep your back straight and carry each bag into the house, holding it close to your chest. Then when you get inside, stop and work your legs by doing squats. “Do this exercise with two or three bags, 15 to 20 times per bag,” says Tyler. He also recommends isolating specific upper body muscles with bottles and cans. According to Tyler, many canned items are about 16 ounces, making them a good light weight; a jug of water or milk makes an even heavier one.

Dip and Dust

Dusting can be transformed into an aerobic activity just by adding circular movements to dusting motions. Move one arm until the muscle starts to burn and then switch arms. Alternate without stopping. Keep your core muscles engaged and move at a moderate to fast pace. Helpful tip: Clear the furniture you want to dust before starting to increase range of motion and to prevent stop and go.

“Whittle” while you work!
Downsize those obliques by adding a twist-and-reach move while loading your dishwasher and washing clothes. This movement will serve to strengthen core muscles and work out those love handles. When unloading your dishwasher, avoid bending over to reach for dishes; instead, do squats. Keep your back straight and lower yourself slowly to a sitting position. Wait for a second or two, slowly stand up and put dishes away.

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