Get Lean While You Clean

Speed It Up
Plan your cleaning workout in a way that you can move at a quicker pace with more intensity. This will get your heart pumping and help you get your chores done a little faster too! Play some upbeat music that may help you pick up some speed and make cleaning a bit more fun.

Bust a Move With Your Vac
To maximize your vacuuming experience, Jerry Tyler, a personal trainer who specializes in recreation and sports conditioning at the Sports Club in Irvine, Calif., recommends exaggerating your movements and changing hands frequently to give both sides of the body a comparable workout. Vacuuming is a high energy chore that is comparable to brisk walking, says Tyler. “Vacuuming not only provides you with cardiovascular conditioning, it also works your legs and shoulders.” For maximum benefits, vacuum nonstop for at least 20 minutes and preferably more. Studies show that you don’t begin to burn fat until 15 to 20 minutes into a moderate aerobic workout. It might be helpful to re-vacuum parts of the house, do walking lunges as you vacuum or to jog in place after you finish vacuuming.

Muscle Your Milk Workout

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