Get IT GUIDES Most Coveted Jeans!

As a Get It Guide Insider we have the SCOOP on The most COVETED jeans on the internet!! The following four styles of jeans Skinny, Trouser, Wide Leg and Boot Cut are among the top-searched styles on Yahoo! and were selected especially for the Get It Guide! Soooo Hollywood Hot Moms went out on the town to see what we thought!!!

You will see that we tried on many different Jeans. True Religion, Lucky Brand Jeans, Levi’s and (we could not find Lee) were all among the highest searched jeans. We all seemed to enjoy a different jean !!  What we loved the most was that the Get it Guide helped us know what to look for and gave us an opportunity now that we tried them on in store  to go back online and find the best deals!! True Religion worked best for Natalie and Michelle ( the price was a bit high at $319 but we are sure searching the internet will bring cheaper prices. Wendy and Lisa ( not seen) found an assortment of jeans from Lucky Brand Jeans,  the price point was reasonable but again online could find better prices! Jenna and Taylor ( not seen) were surprised at Levis and would definitely buy a pair.

See our photo’s below!!

 True Religion

Manequin Skinny Jeans

Natalie True Religion Boyfriend Jeans









Lucky Brand Jeans

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