Get Camera-Ready: Makeup Tricks from the Pros

By Shelley Levitt

Get Camera-Ready: Makeup Tricks from the Pros

Want to look gorgeous in those holiday photos? Here are some tips from the beauty pros on how to get camera-ready.

Use matte finish bronzer to contour a full face, double chin, or crooked nose. Matte powder that is slightly darker than your natural shade sculpts like a chisel when placed beneath cheekbones, under the jaw line or on the sides of your nose.

— Dimitri James, celebrity makeup artist

Buy a concealer pot two shades lighter than your skin tone. After applying your foundation and finishing powder gently, pat the concealer under your eyes in a crescent moon shape and above your eyebrows, from the top center tip to the end tip. This will highlight your eyes so they’re the focus of the photo.

— Lindsi Lane, Lindsi in the Fast Lane founder

If it’s a full-length shot, place your hands on your hips, but not evenly. Have one hand higher on one hip and the other hand resting a bit lower so you don’t look boxy.

— Hope Henderson, creator of the Beauty Mark app

For a photo-ready no-makeup makeup look, skip the blush. Instead, contour cheekbones with a powder bronzer, then hit the apples of the cheeks with a highlighting powder.

— Shelley GoodStein, model and blogger (A Model’s Secrets)

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