Gerber Debuted Its First ‘Spokesbaby’ With Down Syndrome But Some Parents Are Slamming The Company

The contest started in the 1920's, so it's about time.

If you were to think about the Gerber brand of food, chances are you think of that blue sketch of a sweet little 4-month-old baby. It’s an iconic logo and it was sketched to the likeness of a real baby girl. Back in the 1920s a 4-month-old baby won a contest that had their face for the company, coined the Gerber Baby.

Then in 2011, the company decided that it would be a fun idea to crown a new Gerber baby. They had been using the same face for so many years and they wanted to show a brand that is every baby. So the contest was born. It’s usually a fierce competition that has thousands and thousands of babies applying to be the chosen one. The babies are always adorable and the brand says the baby that is chosen each year is to help represent that every baby is a Gerber baby.

The first winner after the original was an 8-month-old girl and the press for the crowing was adorable. Mary Jane Montoya, the new babe, met with Ann Turner Cook, the original from the 1920s. And each year since, there has been one winner that has been given the title of Gerber baby. There have been little boys and girls, of many skin shades and hair colors. And in 2013, twin boys even won the title and shared it together.

But, this year, the company chose someone that shows even more inclusiveness. He’s adorable and is the company’s first spokesbaby with Down syndrome.

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Devan McGuinness

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