Clear Drapes Let C-Section Moms See More Every Second Of Their Birth Experience

Such a great option for women

I have had four children and three of them were delivered by cesarean section. My second child was an emergency c-section, my third a failed VBAC and my fourth was scheduled. For each of my surgeries I was, like most women, on an operating table with a very tall and very large surgical sheet draped across my midsection, shielding my view of my surgery. I totally understand why this happens in the hospital and I am completely of the mindset that the doctors and medical staff working to ensure I was delivering a healthy baby need to the least amount of distractions possible, but it really made me feel cut off from what was happening.

I remember with my third child I was positioned in the operating room beside a wall of cabinets that had glass front doors and I tried to see the reflection of my c-section as it was happening because I felt that I could at least see something that way. I know some women would prefer not to see anything and wait for the doctor to place their baby in their arms, but for me I felt so detached and separated from what was happening that it was quite unnerving. All I wanted to do was see what was happening.

Now hospitals are beginning to introduce clear c-section drapes as part of the ‘gentle’ c-section movement we’ve seen many hospitals across the country adopt.

And women are now given the choice to see more of their c-section birthing experience if they want to.

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