8-Year-Old Boy Suffered Horrible Abuse for 8 Months

Not everyone is fit to be a parent. Not everyone who can be a parent should be. Those who are blessed with the gift of being a parent should cherish that responsibility. Sadly, there are too many men and women in this world who feel they can abuse their power over their own children.

This story is so heartbreaking that I need to warn you of the details.

Eight-year-old old Gabriel Fernandez was the victim of severe abuse by his mother, Pearl Sinthia Fernandez, and her boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre. Sadly, the boy succumbed to their horrific abuse in May 2013.

Now, the murder trial is underway in the case. Fernandez and Aguirre are being tried separately and each faces the death penalty.

The allegations are absolutely horrifying. What makes this case even more disturbing and confusing is that social workers are being charged for their involvement (or lack of), and disciplinary measures are being taken against sheriff’s deputies investigating the abuse claims.

Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Hatami said Gabriel moved in with his mother and Aguirre in 2012 after living with his grandparents. Jurors were shown a photo of a healthy and happy Gabriel at 7 years old, when he lived with his grandparents.

“After eight months of living with the defendant … his body was battered. The evidence will show he was beaten, burned, bruised,” Hatami told the jury showing them a photo of Gabriel, lying in a hospital bed.

Credit: Facebook/ Justice 4 Gabriel

Little Gabriel suffered “unspeakable” abuse for eight months

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