15 of the Funniest Drunk Text Fails We’ve Read Yet

Yes, I’m pretty bad when it comes to sending texts that I later regret. I mean, we’ve all been using smart phones for well over a decade now, yet some of us haven’t learned to NOT text their rage, regrets or drunken stupidness. Simply put, when you’re not of sound mind, you just need to stay away from your phone. Period. Because nothing good comes out of it, especially when you’ve had one too many drinks.

With that being said, some drunken texts do turn out to be quite funny, even if they are weird, bizarre and in many cases… full of regret! But that’s what alcohol does to most of us, right? It brings out the worst, but at the same time it brings out the honesty! That little bit of liquid courage sure does help us say all of the things we’ve had on our minds (but were too afraid to say it).

Although I’m so happy that I’m not the author of these texts below. Some of these would have gotten me in MAJOR trouble!

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Here are some of the worst, the best and the funniest drunk texts we’ve ever seen!

1. When You Don’t Know Where You Last Placed Your iPhone!


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It’s 2017, yet we haven’t reached this point yet. Sorry, but there’s no way that you can call someone using an oyster. And taking pictures of it won’t help you send texts, either. You’re just that drunk!

2. When Spellcheck Can’t Even Help You Anymore!

Credit: Imgur / @WullieBlake

You know you’ve had one too many drinks when spellcheck has even given up on you. In fact, it looks like spellcheck has checked out of your phone a long time ago.

3. A Mistake You’ll Regret for a Very Long Time!

Credit: Imgur / @WullieBlake

Seriously, the next time you see a friend drinking too much, there’s two things you need to do: call a cab immediately (don’t hesitate) and take their phone away. They will thank you later.

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