Valentine Bento Lunches For Kids

I also use mini cookie cutters for cutting fruit and cheese. The heart cutters work great with strawberries, honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon. In a hurry?  Just cut two or three hearts into your fruit and mix them in with the rest!

Valentine's day Lunch

Heart Shaped Fruit

Cheese is super easy to cut with the cutters.

Kids Bento Box Lunch

And because we can all use some love notes on Valentine’s Day, I whipped up a page full of fun little lunchbox love notes that I could print off, cut, and tuck into lunch boxes, backpacks or any little place where they could be discovered. Download a copy here and print your own at home! You can use these year round, not just for Valentine’s Day. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY TO PRINT.

Free Printable Lunchbox Notes
Free Lunchbox Printables

Just print, cut and tuck into lunch!

Cute Bentos For Kids

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how I make a sweet lunch for my girls for Valentine’s Day!

Don’t forget to click here to get your free printable Valentine’s Day Love Notes.

If you love sweets, treats and fun eats, free free to visit my blog, Love From The Oven, for delicious recipes that are easy to make and fun to share!  Have a sweet Valentine’s Day!

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