Full House Alumni Lori Laughlin Defends Her Teen Daughter After Horrific Car Crash

I’m the kind of person that simply doesn’t trust myself when it comes to keeping my phone nearby while I am driving my car, and especially with my kids in the back. I know a lot of people think it’s silly but I’ll purposely put my phone in the trunk to avoid texting while I’m at a red light. If I need to make a phone call, I use Bluetooth. Otherwise, every text, message, email and social media alert can wait until I’m out of the car. A lot of people have criticized me for my lack of self-control when it comes to my phone, but I really don’t pay attention to what the critics have to say. My phone stays put in the trunk, whether people like it or not.

With that being said, that’s why so many people are angered over YouTube star Olivia Jade and how she apparently got into a car crash because she was filming a video from behind the wheel! Olivia Jade, who has 948,000 subscribers, said she was at a red light when a truck smashed into her vehicle from behind, sending her into the car in front. And now actress and mom Lori Loughlin has jumped to her daughter’s defense after the teen was accused of filming herself seconds before a car crash.

Lori Laughlin
Credit: Instagram/@lorilaughlin

Here’s what Lori has to say.

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