Frustrated Mom Publicly Calls Her Kid Out For Being An ‘A**hole

She got called out for it.

Parenting is not easy and anyone who tells you that it is is not telling the truth. Or they’ve not been a parent for long and haven’t hit the troubling times that come when your baby starts to grow. When kids start to get a bit older they have the language to get real sassy. And many parents loathe the terrible twos or the threenagers because they’re mouthy. The phase goes away eventually, but a frustrated mom during the 2-3 year-olds is certainly not uncommon.

Your best friend is probably someone you can speak your real frustrations to when it comes to you your kids. We know they’re not perfect little angles, but some people are still strange about being honest. One mom found that out when she tweeted that her child was driving her to the brink of feeling insane and she used some language that upset people.

There is still this stigma that as a parent you have to love everything about your kid. You can love and appreciate your child while at the same time feel frustrated. You are allowed to share that this whole parenting thing isn’t perfect. It’s healthy to let some of that frustration out.

But, apparently, not everyone agrees with that and a frustrated mom got some criticism for sharing that her child wasn’t behaving that well.

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Devan McGuinness

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