Frumpy to Foxy in 15 Minutes Flat!

By: Elycia Rubin (Excerpted From Frumpy To Foxy In 15 Minutes Flat)

The number one frump trap in any woman’s life is Motherhood.  So How do we get from frumpy to foxy in 15 minutes? Whether your kids are three or thirteen, moms always seem to fall into that old habit of saying: “I just don’t have time.”  But it doesn’t take a lot of time to dress like a foxy mama.

The first rule of parenthood – don’t try to dress like your teenage daughter.  Even if you have your pre-baby body back (more power to you!), the low-cut belly-baring jeans and see-through tank just aren’t great “mom” gear.

And if you have toddlers, anything white is risky at best.  Let’s face it, by noon you’ll look like a abstract painting with various shades of pea-green, grape-juice purple, and muddy brown smeared all over you.

But that doesn’t mean you should wave the white flag of surrender and submit yourself to a uniform of faded gray sweatpants and sweatshirt, or baggy knee-length shorts and kid-proof tattered t-shirt – the last-gasp effort for many overworked and underslept mamas.

Parenthood shouldn’t be an excuse for us to let ourselves go.  We can’t neglect our appearance because “there aren’t enough hours in the day.”  There never will be, so the key is finding quick tricks to keep yourself looking fine for those 18 plus years that you’ll be raising the young’uns.

Foxy Fashion

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