From Fridge to Face

From Fridge to Face

By: Randi Ragan

Increasingly, the beauty products we use are coming under scrutiny as being full of toxic chemicals that have been linked to cancer, hormone disruption, and a host of other problems.  Indeed, there are common beauty products that contain the same ingredients as found in car wash degreasers and oven cleaners, a large percentage of which are extracted from petroleum (mineral oil, paraffin waxes).  The average American woman who wears conventional lipstick on a regular basis, will swallow about 10 pounds of petroleum by product in her lifetime!

My basic philosophy about the beauty products I buy for my face, skin, and hair, is that if I can’t eat them, then I wouldn’t want them on my body.  All your personal care products are absorbed into your blood stream and end up in the same place as the food you eat.

Herewith, a list of healthy “skin food” items that will keep you safe and beautiful:

1) Face Cleanser: Soak a cotton ball with cold milk. Milk removes dirt from pores and brightens the skin.
2) Facial Exfoliater: Make a paste with oatmeal or oats mixed with milk/water and orange peel.
3) Blemish Remover: Dab honey on blemishes to dry them up. Honey also lightens blemishes.
Dissolve 2 or 3 aspirins in a ¼  cup of Apple cider vinegar, dab with a cotton ball.
4) Face mask: Yogurt, and mashed strawberries, or banana, or papaya, and honey.
Lemon juice mixed with egg whites (good for oily skin).

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