Sex After Baby; Seven real-life things you can do!

Sex After Baby; Seven real-life things you can do!

As a sexologist and sex coach, most of my clients lately have been couples with the classic “sexless marriage” complaint. A percentage of them are couples who’ve just had a new baby enter their lives and are clamoring for ways to get back into bed ALONE. What happens to a couple’s sexuality when a baby comes home to roost? Oh, and btw, that can mean a biological offspring or an adopted member of your intimate household. If you adopt, of course, you will not have the hideous ups and downs of your hormones, but you will still suffer with a loss of that quality time you and your partner used to spend. You know, times like cuddling up in front of a crackling fire, nibbling at his/her ears, and deep passionate kisses into the night that lead to hours of ecstatic lovemaking. Oh. Did I just hear that you never had that in the first place? Well, let’s just pretend that love in the nest was hot hot hot and that the advent of a newly wrinkled mini-person has changed all that.

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