From a Disney Dream to a Disney Fantasy

Hollywood Hot Mom’s own Jennifer Cohen just returned from a sneak peek media cruise aboard Disney’s newest ship, the Disney Fantasy.  

Last year, Disney Cruise Lines launched the Disney Dream. “I was able to sail on the Dream and it truly was the trip of a lifetime. This Spring, Disney has added the Disney Fantasy, the sister ship to the Dream and the fourth ship to the Disney fleet. I was lucky enough go on the media preview sailing. Here’s what you need to know if you are considering a Disney cruise….

In many ways, the Fantasy is very similar to the Dream but with even more to do and experience.  It felt like Disney took the best elements of the Dream and then, in typical Disney style, waved their magic wand and incorporated new — and even better features — into the Fantasy. Just when you think the people at Disney could not possibly outdo themselves, they do exactly that!

First, the similarities: When passengers board both ships, they are instantly astounded. I heard several oooh’s and aaah’s and loud gasps from passengers as they stepped off the gangway and made their way into the lavish grand atrium lobby. All eyes turn upward to gaze at the Fantasy’s dazzling glass and crystal chandelier. This focal point was designed in a peacock motif in blues, greens and pinks and features 60,000 Swarovski crystals. The sophisticated peacock pattern is repeated all around the ship.

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Jennifer Cohen

Jennifer Cohen is the founder of JLC Consulting, a public relations and marketing firm that services profit and nonprofit clients. Jennifer is also a freelance writer and photographer for many publications, including The Miami Herald. While Jennifer loves finding the hottest and newest products and styles she is also a fan of classic clothes that never go out of style.

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