Frizzy Hair, meet the Dryer Sheet

Frizzy Hair, meet the Dryer Sheet

Humidity frizz. When temps go up and your hair has got you down, here’s a quick trick for taming that mane…a dryer sheet. Didn’t think housework could be so sexy, did you?

Take a dryer sheet and lightly brush it onto your hair, smoothing it from scalp to ends. Ouila! Frizz free and ready to go (even if it’s just to go do laundry).

Here are a few more quick beauty basics from this unassuming item:

  • Stinky shoes begone. Insert a dryer sheet for an overnight freshen up session.
  • Fix Fido’s furry mess from your furniture by rubbing a dryer sheet over the spot. (This could create a more permanent mess on some fabrics, so test on a hidden spot first to avoid any potential stains).
  • Place a fresh sheet in the bottom of a pan caked with food, fill with lukewarm water, and let sit overnight. In the morning you’ll wake from this dishwashing nightmares to a pan that’s easier to clean.
  • Sachet, au chante. Place a sheet at the bottom of your dresser drawer, suitcase or gym bag to keep them smelling fresh.
  • Want to keep that copy of Twilight smelling as sweet as the first day you met Edward? (Yes, we all know you read that stuff.) Stick a sheet between the pages and it won’t get musty in storage.
  • Run a threaded needle through a dryer sheet right before you begin sewing to keep the thread from tangling.

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