Fried Chicken; The Perfect Picnic Recipe

Fried Chicken; The Perfect Picnic Recipe

By: Lisa Elaina Fontanesi of Kidding Around the Kitchen

Get everyone involved. You are never too young to get into the food adventure and help. Have the little ones help pick the perfect peaches or fruit for the lemonade or fruit parfaits. Have them help clean the fruits and veggies at home. Have them help make the dressing for the coleslaw. The more everyone participates in the making of the food the more they enjoy the eating of it in the end. They now have a stake in it. They made it and it tastes that much better because they did.

Italy Girl Fried Chicken

There is no better picnic food

Pan frying chicken isn’t difficult, but it can be messy. I use a minimum of oil in the skillet to keep the spattering down. Also I am just pan frying the chicken long enough to give it a great crispy coating and seal in the moistness. The real cooking takes place in the oven. . The other myth is that olive oil is not good for frying; quite the contrary, it adds amazing flavor and make it just a touch healthier. Chicken should be pan fried between 350° and 375°. Don’t crowd you pan, if the chicken pieces touch each other, they won’t get the golden crust you are looking for.
This dish tastes just as good the next day as it does straight from the oven. Room temperature is just fine for this crowd pleaser.


Three young fryers or chicken pieces (thighs, legs and boneless breasts without skin) Breast can be cut up into strips for kid size YUM

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