Absolutely Heartbreaking: Fresno Firefighter Loses Wife After Birth Of Their Twins

Amanda Sawyer Died an Hour After the Twins Were Delivered Via C-Section

This is just an absolutely heartbreaking story. A Fresno firefighter lost his beloved wife just an hour after she gave birth to their twin girls. Nick Reeder and Amanda Sawyer were over the moon with excitement over the arrival of their girls. But tragedy struck shortly after the babies were born.

On April 9, Amanda and Nick arrived at the hospital for their scheduled c-section. Amanda’s pregnancy had been nearly perfect, and the delivery was expected to go the same way. The surgery went well, and twins Kelce and Kaia were born just two minutes apart.

However, within minutes of the girls being born, things started to go wrong. Amanda started feeling unwell, and lost consciousness.

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Doctors and nurses swarmed the room to help her, but sadly, there was nothing they could do. Amanda died just an hour later, leaving behind a devastated family, and five children.

Such a happy, beautiful moment cut short by tragedy. We can’t imagine what Amanda’s family is feeling right now.

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