Frank Galasso Hair-Styling Tips

Frank Galasso (hairstylist) Frank just did Penelope Ann Miller’s hair for the Golden Globes and SAG awards, and Scott works with hot moms Christina Aguilera, Cindy Crawford, and Vanessa Williams, to name a few!

  • Always spray your brushes (or your palm and run it through your hair) with anti-static guard, which will get rid of static, frizz and flyaways, and will add a little extra body as well.
  • To cover the stray grey hair in your eyebrows, use Just For Men for mustache and beards, it’s the only thing that will cover grey hair in your eyebrows!
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  • For long hair, esp color treated – after you wash and towel dry your hair, put bottled water in a spritzer and spray that into the hair. It will rinse out the residue from the water in the shower, acting like a water purifier.
  • Frank uses Anastasia Eyebrow Powder around the temples and in the part to make hair look even thicker, and catch all the fine flyaway hairs.
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  • A must-have for any red carpet is Joico’s Anti-Humidity Spray – Frank uses it on EVERYONE – it holds everything together without being sticky. It keeps celebrity updos perfect all night + curls won’t fall out, wet, humid or cold weather won’t affect you – your hair will be perfect all night!

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