Frances Bean Cobain Loses Father Kurt’s Prized Guitar In Divorce Settlement

Fans Are Not Happy!

    Divorce can be messy for many people, but for some reason it’s at its messiest when it involves celebrities. It seems that some of the most nasty and expensive divorce cases involve celebrities. They often also seem to involve short lived marriages! Frances Bean Cobain learned that the hard way when she lost a piece of rock history in her divorce.

    We’ve seen some pretty expensive divorce settlements involving celebrities over the years. Since prenuptial agreements became a ‘thing’, many celebrities have been able to protect their assets. Especially when the marriage only lasted a hot minute. But despite their best planning, sometimes the courts still have to step in.

    There’s no doubt that many celebrities have had some pretty short lived marriages. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were famously married for just 72 days. Drew Barrymore’s first marriage last only 39 days. While Frances Bean Cobain’s marriage lasted for just less than 2 years, her divorce has taken almost as long to be settled.

    The daughter of rock legend and former Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain and rocker Courtney Love filed for divorce from Isaiah Silva in 2016. Two years later and the couple have finally reached a divorce agreement. Unfortunately for Cobain, she lost a prized piece of her history in the settlement.

    Fans aren’t very happy, but Cobain is said to be ready to simply move on with her life.


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