Four-Year-Old Cries When New Stepmom Reads Him Vows During Wedding

These days, everyone knows at least one blended family. It’s become the norm. You’ve got stepmoms and stepdads, stepsisters and stepbrothers who are all doing their part to make their new families work. Because if it doesn’t work the first time around, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give love another shot, right? Everyone deserves happiness in their lives, even if it takes them several different attempts to find it.

That’s also the reason why so many people can’t get enough of this new stepmother and the surprise move she made on her wedding day. This is so sweet that I can guarantee you that it will bring tears to your eyes. But it’s her new stepson’s reaction that has us all choked up.

Emily Leehan
Credit: Media Handout/Screengrab

Here’s what happened!

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