Four Gotta-Get Wardrobe Pieces

Four Gotta-Get Wardrobe Pieces

I’ll miss Bravo’s Launch My Line (sob, weep, sob). Last night’s season finale launched the Native Rose line of Kathy Rose (full of wild zebra prints), and launched me into a series of now-boring Wednesday nights. No more in-time pithy musings of hosts Double D. Gone are the turquoise and gold pocket squares of fabric draped over Eric’s models. And Merle’s “Inside Out” is now…out.

With things calming down and travel on her horizon (along with a new jewelry line with Kati Herrera), Launch My Line contestant and celebrity style expert Louanna Rawls (yes, legendary singer Lou Rawls daughter) had some time to offer Easy Peasy her Top Four must-have, gotta-get pieces for every woman’s wardrobe…staples that you can effortlessly take from day to night, casual to on-the-town. Do you have these in your closet?

  1. A great pair of black jeans
  2. A nice three-button blazer that you can throw over a T-shirt
  3. A tall pair of boots with a flat or low heel
  4. A long strand of pearls–always nice to top off an outfit, whether it’s with a T-shirt and jeans or a 3/4 sleeve black dress.

How easy was that? Now, excuse me. I must dry my tears. Project Runway‘s on tonight. What can I say? I’m fickle. Gotta keep movin’.


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