Former Congressman Ripped Apart After Mocking Jimmy Kimmel’s Son’s Heart Surgery


Billy Kimmel baby
Credit: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

As I’m sure you can imagine, the internet has a lot to say about Joe Walsh’s comments. A lot of people have said, “Are they so out to lunch that they do not realize they are part of the human race? We need to take care of each other. I would be so ashamed to say that this man was my father after that tweet,” along with, “I am sure some of the representatives in Congress have pre-existing health issues. Why do they get health coverage if others don’t. They would also get the same coverage. No more perks for those who sign a bill to deny others coverage.”

Another critic pointed out, “Walsh is correct. He is not obligated to do so. Nonetheless, any rational person with an ounce of empathy and economic common sense would see the value, both economically and morally, of a single payer system.”

OMG! My heart goes out to Jimmy Kimmel and his wife. What do you think? Tell us your thoughts and don’t forget to SHARE this post with your friends!

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