Forget Toddlers, This Is A Reward Chart Every Mother Needs

Ha! I swear to you someone must have been following me for a week before coming up with this reward chart for moms because I swear, THIS. IS. Me. Well, except for maybe the “Wait Until 5pm For Wine,” part but I would say that the rest is pretty accurate.

Spend under $200 at Target? Nope, not gonna happen. Change from the clothes that I wore yesterday? Hasn’t happened. Wake up happy? Not especially on a weekday for school. Who knew mamahood could be this tough? LOL!

Thanks to the fun folks at Honest Toddler, moms like you and me can now print off this chart out while mapping out our progress for the week. I mean, how many mom friends do you know can stay off Etsy for an entire week? It’s like telling our kids they can’t watch those surprise egg videos on YouTube. It’s almost impossible!

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 11.18.13 AM

Source via Honest Toddler/Facebook

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