Mom Wants Proof That Extended Family Got Their Flu Shot Before They Visit New Baby

They lied to her

The flu this year is absolutely brutal! People are getting sick left and right, clinics and hospitals are overwhelmed, and it’s already claimed the lives of 30 children across the country. That is devastating, and I can’t imagine the heartbreak of the families who’ve lost kids and loved ones to the virus. While there is no foolproof way to prevent the flu, the flu shot is your best bet at protecting yourself and your loved ones.

Yes, the vaccine this year isn’t as effective as it has been in years past. But, even if you get the flu after being vaccinated, chances are you won’t get as sick or be sick for as long. It’s especially important for babies that the adults and older kids who spend time around them get their flu shot. Newborns and infants under 6 months old are too young for that particular vaccine. But, they are incredibly vulnerable to the virus.

One mom realizes this, and is wondering if the precautions and demands she’s making on her family are too much, or totally fine. The mom posted on the What to Expect forums, with a story about being lied to. She asked for advice on how to handle the situation when it arises again.

Turns out, her family lied to her about getting their flu shot when her first baby was born. And now she has reservations about believing them the second time around…

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