The Flu Is Officially An Epidemic And Here’s How To Keep Your Kids Safe

It's very serious this year

Keeping our children healthy through the winter months is a struggle that so many parents understand. With every type of cold or flu spreading through the schools it seems like every month there is some illness we’re fighting against. While adults can often set into place some protocols to help reduce the spread of the flu during peek seasons, children are often not as strict as they need to be in terms of hand washing and sneezing into your arm crook. These small things can have a big impact on how fast or slowly the flu and other colds spread, but it’s hard to police that with children as often as we would need to.

That is probably why colds and the flu spreads so fast in daycare and school. It seems once one kid has it, it’s just a matter of a short period of time before everyone else catches it too. For most, this means a day or two at home, but some people have a harder time fighting off the flu. It can be very dangerous or deadly for people. Especially if the flu strain that is going around is one of the harder ones for people to shake.

And that’s what has happened this year. Also, the strain of flu that is hitting people is spreading fast and it’s officially been called an endemic in the United States.

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