Flower Pot Wine Kegs Are Here To Make Your Summer Fancy AF

You're going to want to make one of these immediately

    It’s mid-May, school will be out before you know it, and then summer can officially begin! If you’re like me, summer is when you really shine (and not just from sweat). It’s my favorite season of the year, because there are no responsibilities and the sky is the limit on the fun we can have! I have big dreams of pool parties, backyard fun, and lots of time spent outdoors this summer.

    As such, I’ve been making some moves to get ready for the fun. I’ve been buying pool floats, adding yummy cocktails to my shopping lists, and compiling the perfect summer playlist. But there’s something I was missing, and now I know just what it is: flower pot wine kegs.

    Now, up until today, I had no idea that flower pot wine kegs even existed. I am not a crafty person, so when I see a flower pot, I see a freaking flower pot. I don’t see the potential for a wine keg. But luckily for us, SOMEONE out there saw the potential in a regular old flower pot, and used their ingenuity to turn it into a keg that dispenses your favorite wine. The level of genius is impressive and I will be forever jealous of people who have brains that work like this.

    I promise you, you’re going to want flower pot wine kegs all over your yard this summer. Or year-round.

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