Flexing your Change Muscle

By: Ariane de Bonvoisin

exercise for your personalityFlexing your Change Muscle.  When we make a change in our lives — going back to school, starting a business, pursuing a creative path — we also provoke an identity shift. And even though the changes are external, often it’s more of an internal journey that we are being asked to take. To ensure that we don’t get lost along the way, we need to connect with the core of our being, the essence of who we are.

Every great leader, athlete, and hero has believed in something greater than himself or herself. Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, and JFK are among the many who referred to a connection with something greater: their soul, their source, or their relationship to God or the Divine. They acknowledged the presence of the Divine in every difficult situation, and they allowed it to be a helping presence in their lives. During the first thirty days of moving through a change, and throughout your whole life, it’s important to ask yourself what you are willing to trust. Really ask yourself, Where is my trust these days?

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