By: Joscelyne Marie Brazile

It’s 6:10am, and in five minutes, your house will be a buzz with requests to wear ballet costumes to school and have pizza for breakfast. But, before you dive into your morning rhetoric of because I said so’s and No means No’s, consider using the next five to make up your face. Yes, you can…with the right products and a little know, you can go from  fit to be tied to fit to be fabulous in a few simple steps.

Before you attempt a five minute face, there is groundwork to do ladies! Every five minute face starts with a manicured brow and a beauty regimen that includes a gentle cleanser and a moisturizer that promotes skin nourishment. If you need help choosing product, do research on your skin type or consult a dermatologist to assist in choice of cleansing and moisturizing agents.

If your skin is generally on its best behavior, tinted moisturizers might be your new best friend! Moisturizers, like those of Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier, offer great coverage and a dewy-fresh finish. Application of this product is simple. For more coverage, use a concealer brush or cosmetic sponges.  If you’re in a rush, squeeze a dime-sized amount on the back of your hand and use your fingers for application. If your skin needs a little extra help to achieve a smooth finish, start with concealer and finish with a foundation/powder duo like MAC or Laura Mercier.

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